Find out how to choose the right catalytic converter for your 2004 Honda Accord to meet your government emissions regulations. MagnaFlow has a variety of 2004 Honda Accord catalytic converters that meet california quality, OEM quality or HM quality requirements. Make sure your plug-in hybrid runs as clean and green as possible while keeping the engine light off. Each converter has a durable stainless steel construction and uses a direct match or universal design compatible with DX to LX trim levels equipped with four- or 3.0-liter in-line 2.4-liter V6 engine options. Select the specifications and registration of your Honda Accord `04 to make sure you`re buying the right catalytic converter that meets your car`s requirements and your state`s emissions regulations. Be sure to keep your receipt for the purchased catalytic converter. In some cases, it may be necessary to present it to the arbitrator at the time of your appointment. Example: John has a 2004 Honda Accord with EFN 4HNXV02.4KCV. The catalytic converter has been stolen and there are no options listed for the aftermarket and the trader has them behind. Fortunately, efn is listed above, so it can use any of the acceptable parts listed. After installation, John called the arbitration program to make an appointment for a label. The Planning Center asked John to provide the EFN and the installed part number. Once provided, John was scheduled for an appointment on site.

The expert affixed a label to the vehicle during the arbitrator`s appointment for the installed converter. This label allowed each smog control station to test John`s vehicle. Great experience. The product fits perfectly. All accessories were supplied with the new catalytic converter, which made installation easier. The price with the discount and discount make it a five-star rating. California Certified Arb GRADE Direct Fit Catalytic Converter (2.4L/ACCORD), construction of curved stainless steel pipes with chuck offering superior CatSmart compatible emissions reduction and superior flow efficiency. As the longest-serving Magnaflow distributor on the planet, you can rest assured that all components are covered by a full factory warranty Standard shore shipping from coast to U.S.

and Canada is completely free. A small fee is charged for AK and HI addresses. If your vehicle`s EFN is listed above, see below. *Disclaimer: These acceptable alternative CATs are only an option as long as OEM CATs are not available for 2 weeks or more. Once OEM or CARB approved aftermarket TACs are available, the installation of these alternative CATs is no longer permitted. Tell us what you want to achieve in terms of sound and performative. We have the know-how to get you there. Do you need to take a smog test in California or New York? Look no further, with the broadest scope of the industry, if we don`t have it, it just doesn`t exist. The same is true for all other non-carbohydrate states and provinces. Contact us with information about your vehicle`s emission family, and we will provide you with various options to turn off the CEL and keep your vehicle in perfect condition Once the CAT alternative has been installed, you will need to call the Referee Planning Center to make an appointment for a label to be attached to the vehicle (Note: The Arbitrators` Planning Centre requires you to: provide the EFN and part number before an appointment can be made). This label allows each smog control station to test your vehicle.

The California Air Resources Board is certified and approved for use in the vehicles listed below. Due to an increase in the theft of catalytic converters (TACs), we have been informed that there are currently no replacement TACs available for these vehicles (*see disclaimer below). For this reason, the arbitration program has other acceptable TACs that can be used. If your vehicle`s EFN (engine family number) is listed below, you can use the alternative parts listed. Note: If you are installing a replacement CAT on your vehicle, we recommend using an Oem (Original Equipment Manufacturer) 02 sensor. Aftermarket 02 sensors are known to cause motor control lighting when used with some aftermarket CATs. If an engine light comes on even after an acceptable replacement CAT has been installed, the vehicle will not pass through the smog. In addition, the CAT`s mid-bed O2 sensors must also remain in the same configuration. Moving the Mid Bed 02 sensor is not acceptable. Direct-Fit, Universal, Manifold and CARB Compliant – Find out what type of catalyst meets your needs. Check out our guide to finding the best catalytic converter for your vehicle and local emissions requirements.

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