Williams received the 2018 John F. Hogan Award, presented annually by the Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA). The Hogan Award, named after the association`s first president, is awarded in recognition of “an individual`s contributions to the journalistic profession and to freedom of the press. Lent. Williams was chosen because.” During his distinguished career, Pete Williams has served the public, first as a government spokesperson and then for the past 25 years as a government journalist,” said Scott Libin, current president of RTDNA. “His insight and understanding of power and politics has proven extremely valuable to NBC News viewers.”[30] In this role, Laura will report on the Department of Justice and the Supreme Court, while serving as a leading spokesperson on domestic legal issues, law enforcement, and other important news. She will report to me and work closely with the network`s investigative unit and reporting teams in the Washington office. She will appear on the network`s flagship news programs and feature for MSNBC, NBC News NOW and NBC News Digital. In the end, he proved the skeptics wrong.

“I think Pete Williams has had one of the greatest careers at NBC News and one of the greatest careers in broadcast journalism over the last few decades,” Oppenheim told the Post. “There`s no way to follow in Pete`s footsteps, especially with one reporter in particular.” Since joining the network in 1993, the Justice Department and Supreme Court reporter has distinguished himself as one of the best in the field, adding in-depth sourcing and constant on-camera presence to coverage of some of the most significant legal developments in recent history, such as the court`s decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act in 2012. From 1974 to 1985, Williams was a journalist and news director for Casper-based television and radio stations KTWO KTWO. Williams was director of the Wyoming Future Project from 1985 to 1986.[14] [2] Jonathan Dienst, WNBC`s senior investigative reporter and NBC News correspondent, will continue to work with Tom Winter, Mike Kosnar and the network`s investigative teams as contributing chief judges. In a journalistic career that spanned five U.S. presidential administrations, Williams established himself as one of Washington`s most dedicated journalists, known to colleagues and viewers for his quiet authority and unparalleled expertise. Jarrett will serve as senior legal correspondent for NBC, covering the Supreme Court and the Department of Justice. Williams was an indispensable journalist while covering several major national events, such as the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, bringing important updates from law enforcement and federal agencies to the public. “In short, for generations of NBC News journalists, working with Pete is a daily masterclass in journalism.

But perhaps more importantly, it was a master class on what it means to be a good colleague,” Oppenheim said. Williams has been a valued colleague of NBC News journalists, producers, writers and editors for generations, trusted by teams ranging from “NBC Nightly News” and “TODAY” to the company`s digital news units. Jarrett will serve as senior legal correspondent for NBC, covering the Supreme Court and the Department of Justice, and appearing on all NBC news programs and platforms. NBC News vice president and chief investigative officer Rich Greenberg announced Jarrett`s hiring in a memo Wednesday morning. Other notable legal cases reported by Jarrett include Special Counsel Robert Mueller`s Russia investigation, Trump`s travel ban and family separation policy, and the FBI`s investigation into Hillary Clinton`s handling of classified information. Williams, 70, was synonymous with precision and consistency and was quick to report on some of the defining cases of the modern-day Supreme Court, including the 2015 decision that legalized same-sex marriage nationwide and decisions upholding the Affordable Care Act. During her tenure at CNN, Jarrett last co-hosted “Early Start” with Christine Romans beginning in January 2020, in which she provided legal analysis of high-profile stories of national interest, including the reversal of the landmark Roe v. Wade, the congressional investigation into the January 6 Capitol riots, investigations into former President Donald Trump, and legal battles over COVID-19 vaccination warrants. “Laura joins us from CNN, where she spent six years covering the Department of Justice and key legal affairs for the network. Most recently, she co-hosted Early Start and was an on-air legal analyst for several notable legal stories, including the Supreme Court`s Roe v. Wade, the January 6 congressional inquiry, the investigation into former President Trump, and the litigation over Covid-19 vaccine warrants,” Greenberg wrote.

Williams, a native of Casper, Wyoming, and a graduate of Stanford University, worked as a reporter and news director at KTWO-TV and Radio in Casper from 1974 to 1985. Journalists, who are transferred to new roles, have a lot of experience in hard beat reporting. In more than six years at NBC News, Dilanian has published numerous exclusive reports on the 2016 election, the impeachment hearings between Trump and Ukraine, the Biden administration`s withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the “Havana syndrome” affecting the United States. Diplomats abroad and the development of North Korean nuclear weapons. Since President Biden took office, Ainsley has revealed stories about DHS`s budget deficits and possible increases in migrant numbers with the proposed repeal of Title 42, as well as DHS`s plans to reduce border overcrowding by transporting migrants deeper into the country. In 2019, she was the first to report that the Trump administration had inflated the number of terrorists apprehended at the southern border. In this role, following the resignation of Pete Williams, Jarrett will be the leading voice of national law enforcement news and will appear on NBC News, MSNBC, NBC News NOW and NBC News Digital. I`m thrilled to announce that accomplished legal reporter Laura Jarrett will be joining NBC News in January as Senior Legal Correspondent. Williams` departure marked the end of an unusual career in Washington.

Williams, a former local television journalist, first gained national notoriety as a Pentagon spokesman under President George H.W. Bush — the few journalists who joined a government and then returned to hard news. Daniel Arkin is a national reporter at NBC News. He specializes in pop culture and entertainment, especially film and television. He is also close to Senator John Barrasso, a Republican who traces her roots back to Wyoming, where Williams was born and Barrasso is the longest-serving senator. While working for a local television station in Wyoming after college, Williams encouraged Barrasso, who was working as an orthopedic surgeon at the time, to contribute to the health reports on KTWO. Since then, they have been friends, although Barrasso said he was first and foremost a journalist. Williams was revealed as gay by journalist and activist Michelangelo Signorile in 1991. Under pressure from reporters, Cheney refused to fire Williams (a civilian employee), even though the ministry had banned LGBT members of the military at the time. Cheney also alluded to his opposition to the ban.

Williams joined NBC News in 1993 after working on Capitol Hill and in the Wyoming news industry.[16] Prior to joining CNN, Jarrett worked in private practice, where she spent a lot of time on pro bono cases, one of which helped a sex trafficking victim use a new Illinois state law to overturn previous convictions. Laura Jarrett will leave CNN to join NBC News as the network`s senior legal correspondent, covering the Justice Department and the Supreme Court, the network announced Wednesday. Louis Alan ” Pete ” Williams (born February 28, 1952) is a retired American journalist. From 1993 to 2022, he was a television correspondent for NBC News. He served in the administration of President George H. W. Bush. While Oppenheim praised Williams as “dispassionate” in his reporting, his personal closeness to some of the nation`s highest court judges gave his reporting a personal resonance. In September 2020, Williams suffocated while covering the funeral of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a liberal icon. NBC News veteran correspondent Pete Williams will retire at the end of the month, bringing years of experience reporting on the Justice Department and the Supreme Court. Before leaving, however, NBC News revealed plans to keep its coverage intact. In 2012, the University of Wyoming awarded Williams an honorary doctorate for his many contributions to journalism.

He was praised for his “good judgment, fairness, impeccable ethics, and dedication to service.” Williams left Wyoming in 1986 and went to Washington to work for Dick Cheney, then a representative from Wyoming in the House of Representatives.[29] When Cheney became Bush`s defense secretary, Williams followed him to the Pentagon, where the New York Times noted “his ability to slip in and out of difficult issues” while criticizing him for defending “restrictions on journalists” covering the war.