The Office of the Judge Advocate Personnel at Nellis Air Force Base provides high-quality legal advice in the areas of civil, contract, labour, environmental, claims and military justice for criminal court martial and extrajudicial proceedings. The office also provides legal assistance to military personnel, retirees and their family members in personal and civil matters. Nellis AFB Legal Office Location: 4428 England Ave, Bldg 18 Phone: DSN 682-2479 or (702) 652-2479 Locations for Voluntary Tax Assistance Eligibility for Legal Aid The legal department of Nellis AFB can only provide legal assistance in personal and civil matters. We cannot assist our clients in criminal matters, personal business companies or transactions, matters on behalf of third parties, representation before courts or administrative negotiations, or the preparation of real estate documents or living trusts. Please seek outside advice on these matters. Represented by a lawyer? If you are already represented by a civil lawyer in a case in which you are seeking legal assistance, you must provide a written waiver or your lawyer`s consent before consulting a lawyer. Article 137 Letter The Letter Article 137 takes place every 2nd, 3rd and 4th Wednesday of the month at the Education Centre, Building 20, Room 310, at 9 a.m. Make sure you arrive at least 10 minutes earlier. Members of the tax center department are encouraged to use Military One Source`s free tax filing service in (*Disclaimer – law firm no longer provides tax assistance) Legal assistance and will hours Legal aid lawyers can prepare wills and medical directives, including living wills and medical powers of attorney. If you would like a lawyer to prepare a will for you, please visit the Air Force Legal Aid website,, complete the online worksheet, write down the ticket number and call our office to make an appointment. The Area Defense Counsel (ADC) provides independent legal representation to individual members of the Air Force.

Airmen who are subject to adverse administrative action or suspected of having committed a violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice may receive confidential legal advice from a CDO. DO NOT contact the basic law firm for these matters, as anything you say can be used against you in court! The Office of Legal Affairs at Nellis Air Force Base provides free and confidential legal advice in personal civil matters to eligible clients, including serving and retired military personnel and their dependents. Examples of personal and civil matters include: wills, powers of attorney, immigration, family relations, and Military Civil Relief Act (CARS) affairs. The legal department handles claims for and against the Air Force. To file a claim with our office, please call (702) 652-5407. For claims related to household items, please contact the carrier first. If they do not respond in a timely manner, please contact the Air Force Claims Service Centre. Appointments last 20 minutes, so please use the documents on this website to learn about your legal problem and prepare specific questions.

Please bring all relevant documents to your appointment. The industry in which Nellis AFB Legal Office operates is Legal Services. The country where Nellis AFB`s legal office is located is the United States, while the company`s headquarters are located at Nellis Air Force Base. Unfortunately, we do not have detailed information about the company`s offer and products, so we recommend that you contact us by phone: +1702-652-5407 You can visit the headquarters of the legal office of Nellis AFB. If you want to reach it, go to: England Avenue, 89191 Nellis Air Force Base, USA. End of debt collection Harassment Seizure of rental property Protection of family property Rent and rent payments How to represent yourself in court Identity theft Landlord tenancy law Money transfer services Lawyer Money transfer services Military clause Military claims to Sep. or Divor. Military Spousal Residency Relief Act Nevada Divorce Act foreclosure Nevada Lemon Law Practical advice on wills Probate Act Leave the deed of claim Real Estate Guide Car Rental and Liability SCRA Small Claims Court Survivors` Benefit Plan Vehicle registration and driver`s licence Vehicle withdrawal What to do if you have been sued Legal counsel and wills are completed on appointment only. Appointments are available Monday to Friday by calling 702-652-5407. Use the geographical coordinates of the company`s location: 36.241003, -115.040736 to easily reach the specified address via GPS navigation. Are you the owner of this business? If so, don`t miss the opportunity to update your business profile, add products, offers, and a higher position in search engines. Notary office and powers of attorney The law firm can prepare general and special powers of attorney and provides notarial services.

These services are available Monday to Thursday from 09:00 to 15:00 and Friday from 1100 to 1500. If you are a civilian employee of the Department of Defence or a member of the armed forces, please note that there are restrictions on certain political activities during the election season. For helpful do`s and don`ts of political activities, please read the following brochures: Military-political activities Civilian political activities THE INFORMATION CONTAINED ON THIS WEBSITE IS OF A GENERAL NATURE AND IS PROVIDED FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. IT IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE AND IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR LEGAL ADVICE. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT HOW THE LAW AFFECTS YOU OR YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS IN THIS AREA, CONTACT YOUR CIVIL ATTORNEY OR NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE LAW FIRM TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH A LICENSED ATTORNEY. Find legal aid and pro bono services at Nellis Air Force Base by practice area.