Every few years, drivers in the state of North Carolina must renew their driver`s license to continue driving legally throughout the state. The expiration date of your permit depends on the age at which it was issued: obtaining valid temporary visas or work permits is the first step for people who want to legally immigrate to the United States and become naturalized. The work permit issued under the DACA program provides proof of legal presence in the state where the permit holder resides. While obtaining a work permit does not guarantee lawful permanent residency for DACA-eligible individuals, deferred action facilitates the application process for everyday needs such as obtaining a work permit or driver`s license in states like NC. Permits indicate “legal presence” and “no legal status” in red letters Although North Carolina recognizes valid driver`s licenses issued by another state or country as legal driving documents in that state by students, it is highly recommended that you apply for a North Carolina driver`s license if you stay and drive in the state for more than one month. In particular, if the driving licence of your home country is issued in a language other than English and you do not have an accompanying International Driving Permit, you must apply for an NC driving licence. To obtain an NC driver`s licence, follow these steps. The North Carolina Department of Transportation announced last week that it would issue driver`s licenses and ID cards to young illegal immigrants who have been granted reprieve status by the Obama administration. But local immigration activists aren`t happy with what the licenses look like. The new licenses, which began Monday, refer to deferred immigrants as “limited time” and “legal presence/no legal status” in smaller red letters.

First, they are not horizontal, but vertical. And instead of being blue at the top, they are pink (fuchsia). In capital letters on the front and back, it reads: “NO LEGAL STATUS”. At the same time, however, “legal presence” is also written on the back of the card. The licence expires when the person`s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA status expires. Monday, March 25, 2013 was the first day immigrants without legal status could legally apply for a driver`s license in North Carolina. This is the result of a federal program known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. The program allows individuals who entered or resided in the United States illegally as children to apply for a two-year work visa. These individuals can now use these work visas as valid indicators of legal presence in the United States. “I`ve always driven illegally, so I don`t mind them putting that on,” said Cinthia Marroqin, who also stood in line at a Raleigh DMV on Monday.

“Because I know who I am and I`m not afraid.” According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, 410,000 immigrants were living in North Carolina without legal status in 2010. More than 16,500 immigrants have applied for deferred work permits across the state. According to NC DMV, 314 immigrants with deferred work permits received apprenticeship permits or driver`s licenses on March 25. Reporters from Raleigh News & Observer interviewed an 18-year-old boy whose parents emigrated to Siler City, North Carolina, more than 20 years ago. He took the written exam on the day he was legally allowed to apply for a driver`s license at the Chatham County DVM office and received a learning permit. In a few weeks, he plans to return to the DMV to get his full driver`s license and get the right to drive unsupervised. The new driver`s license will not look like a standard driver`s license. The original design of the new licence initially had a bright pink stripe that referred to the holder as an illegal immigrant with a “legal presence”. “This program is about responsibility and safety to make our roads safer for all North Carolinans,” Transportation Minister Tony Tata said in a written statement.

It can be difficult to go through all the options for renewing your North Carolina driver`s license, but you don`t have to worry. The status allows drivers to complete their renewal in one of three ways. North Carolina residents must become REAL ID compliant by October 1, 2021 to board commercial aircraft and enter certain federal buildings. Fortunately, all residents can easily upgrade to a REAL ID. You can renew your NC driver`s licence for two years after it expires. It is recommended to complete this renewal online. Otherwise, you will need to renew personally with the DMV. Olegario Rodriguez arrived at the DMV well before the doors opened on Monday. He wanted to claim the first place in the row.

Renewing your driver`s license online is a convenient way to complete the process without spending too much time at your local DMV. You can skip all the lines and complete the process right from home. Immigrants get deferred measures for new licenses After North Carolina went back and forth on the issue, a kind of compromise was reached. The state would issue driver`s licences to these young immigrants. But you would never confuse it with a normal driver`s license. “But my parents and others also need it,” she says, “to go to work and earn a living.” You must meet the following requirements to renew your driving licence as a military driver: Zutobi offers an interactive platform for adults who wish to take their knowledge test for the renewal of their NC driving licence. We have an easy-to-follow driving manual and online practice tests to help you fully prepare for your DMV appointment. In addition, drivers are advised to regularly refresh their knowledge of traffic rules and road safety practices to stay safe on the roads. Contact NC DMV to request an extension by military mail. You will be asked to provide a copy of both sides of your military identification card, as well as a copy of your military orders. The DMV also takes calls.

On Monday, North Carolina — the state where he now lives after arriving in the United States from Mexico 15 years ago — unveiled new driver`s licenses for those who qualified under the federal program. Students who do not plan to drive in the United States must apply for North Carolina photo identification from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).