After returning to an authorized organization, they can reuse their designation without having to qualify again. In recent years, police have considered identifying some detectives performing uniform tasks by a distinctive badge or ornament, but this has not been accepted. The Police Services Act 1990 was enacted to replace the Police Ordinances Act. The police were later renamed the New South Wales Police Service, reflecting the Greiner government`s “community policing at the time” and the public`s responsibility to fight crime with police support. [27] Under the NSW Police Amendment Bill 2002, the New South Wales Police Service was renamed the New South Wales Police. [28] The then Minister of Police, Michael Costa, stated:[29] Corporate Services is headed by the Deputy Commissioner (Corporate Services), who is responsible for the management of recruitment and training, firearms, records and information processing services, the Security Industry Registry, Investment Services and Trade, security, business and technology services, human resources, educational services, finance, public services, public services, It is also important to note that the Court of First Instance is competent in legal matters and services. The current Deputy Commissioner, Corporate Services, is Max Mitchell. The NSW Police Band was formed in 1895 and is the oldest uniformed concert band in Australia. Today, it includes ten different sets that are used for different activities. They are known as the State Band of New South Wales and are one of only two full-time police groups in the country. [85] In 1979, the Neville Wran government of New South Wales appointed Justice Edwin Lusher, a judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, to chair a commission of inquiry into police administration. [24] [25] What are the duties of a special constable? Tasks include providing the first point of contact for visitors and police in key protected areas, monitoring electronic access points, and CCTV security recordings. In peacekeeping operations, officers are seconded to the Australian Federal Police and take an oath or receive confirmation from AFP.

You will then be appointed to the rank of Senior Sergeant, Station Sergeant, Superintendent or Commanding Officer. After their service, UN peacekeepers receive the United Nations Medal for Special Mission. In addition, under Australia`s system of honours and awards, police officers serving in peacekeeping organizations receive the Overseas Police Service Medal with the appropriate clasp for the prescribed area of service. In 2008, two awards of this medal were awarded to members for operations in Cyprus and East Timor. The New South Wales Police has two uniforms for general police officers, one operational (field uniform) and one ceremonial uniform (uniform). The command supports frontline policing with modern/contemporary and efficient communication and commercial technology systems provided by competent and professional technical personnel and services, with modern and efficient communication systems provided by competent and professional customer service personnel Representation of lawyers working for persons to whom a declaration of attendance in court is addressed to the Commander of the competent police zone command. District or police department responsible for the informant. The state`s 432 police stations are organized into six regions, which are further divided into Police Area Commands (PAC, consisting of metropolitan areas) and Police Districts (, consisting of rural areas). Each region contains 7-12 PAC/PNR listed by name and CAD prefix/vehicle ID. [43] If it is necessary to serve an injunction on the Chief of Police, please call 02-9506-5199 and email a copy to Downing Centre Prosecutors Email Phone 02 9611 9308Fax 02 9611 9311Notes The above email address exists – it is monitored between office hours.

According to the CPC, the OIC is based on the following emails: Kings Cross: Eastern Beaches: After the 1824 conflict with the Wiradjuri around Bathurst and Mudgee, British authorities recognized the need for a mounted force to maintain control in the border areas. As a result, the New South Wales Mounted Police was formed the following year. Until 1850, this force functioned de facto as a cavalry unit, the soldiers being soldiers requisitioned by the British army. Their main task during this period was to subdue the resistant groups of Aborigines and capture the bushrangers. [14] From 1850, the Mounted Police assumed a more civilian role. In 2009, it had 34 horses and was considered the oldest mounted police unit in the world. [15] Another specialized group formed during this period was the Water Police (founded in 1832). [13] Parramatta Drug Court Prosecutors Email Phone 0408 169 120 Fax TBA Prisoner Legal Services Email Phone TBAFax TBA If you are a victim of crime, except in life-threatening or urgent emergency situations, you should contact the New South Wales Police (131444) Helpline or report online via the NSWPF Community Portal ( The Police Prosecution Command is responsible for providing specialists. Support the field by providing timely advice on various legal issues and research objectives to address inconsistencies and gaps in the law. Senior Sergeants are usually in the “regions” as Regional Training Coordinators, Regional Traffic Coordinators, Regional Operations Coordinators or in legal services, professional standards, protocols, educational services and perform middle management tasks.

BMW and Yamaha road bikes and trail bikes are also used for off-road use. Other specialized departments and units use a variety of police vehicles, including Iveco prisoner cars, Mercedes Sprinter vans, Isuzu trucks, special rescue and demining vehicles, two Lenco BearCat armored trucks, and various Suzuki Jimny Beach buggies. Blacktown Prosecutors E-mail Phone 9671 9178 / 9671 9164Fax 9672 9022NotesFor cases involving Quaker Hills PAC Email Mt Druitt ProsecutorsEmail or 9675 0798 / 9675 0790Fax 029675 0791 In 1872, there were seventy police stations throughout the colony in the sub-districts with a total of 803 policemen. In June 1915, the first female police officers were appointed. [19] In 1961, the year before the centennial of the police, the number of police officers increased to 5717, which increased to a total strength of 15,354 in November 2008. [20] Surry Hills Children`s Court Prosecutors Email Phone 8667 2148 (Court Process Officer)Fax TBA This page contains information on relevant court proceedings for NSW Police.