Companies are looking for memorable and recognizable names that they can use to structure their brand, reach customers, and drive sales. Their goal is to become a household name like Walmart, Amazon or Disney. I agree that it may be strange to send an ordinary letter to a particular entity and mention two different d/b/a names, but if it is a letter relating to a legal issue, it is common and even advisable to mention all possible business names under which the company operates. For example, Walmart`s trade name is Walmart, but the company`s legal name is Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (which will become Walmart, Inc. effective February 1, 2018). Information from organizational behavior research is used by executives and HR professionals to better understand a company`s culture, how that culture promotes or hinders employee productivity and retention, and how candidates` skills and personalities can be assessed during the hiring process. A business name is one of the first things that connect a customer to a company`s products or services. Today, these and other studies have evolved into modern theories of corporate structure and decision-making. The new frontiers of organizational behavior are the cultural components of organizations, such as how race, class, and gender roles affect group formation and productivity. These studies take into account how identity and background influence decision-making. Academic programs focused on organizational behavior can be found in business schools, as well as schools of social work and psychology.

These programs relate to the fields of anthropology, ethnography, and leadership studies, and use quantitative, qualitative, and computational models as methods of research and testing ideas. DBA is simply an acronym that stands for “doing business like”. It is a term that refers to the trade name of a company. In other countries like Canada or England, DBA is sometimes thought of as T/A (Trading As) or O/A (Operating As), but they all mean the same thing. Companies may use their trade names for commercial or promotional purposes. Think of it almost as a nickname for the company. For example, Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media is branded under the trade name The Disney Store, which is more pitiful (and less of a bite). Typically, a business has both an official name and a business name. Their legal name is the one that appears on government and legal forms such as their articles of association — documents that a company must file with the State Department in order to legally start a business. Regardless of the degree of difference between your company`s legal name and your business name or business name, it`s important that you use both to your advantage. You v John Doe (cob Acme Auto Wreckers) Names that are not in parentheses are the legal names of the parties, and those in parentheses are the company names. The initials “cob”, “coba” or “oba” stand for “company operating under the name of”.

This appears to be the Canadian form of the d.b.a. American – “doing business like”. But did you know that many companies use a second “legal” name on paper that is different from their catchy colloquial name? Companies also use trade names to differentiate their brands, especially when they make a variety of products for different demographics. Personally, I have three company names under which I do business, so I filed three different d/b/a returns. Not only individuals, but also businesses and corporations can legally do business under different business names as long as they file d/b/a returns. It`s worth noting that in some states, registering your name doesn`t always deter other businesses from doing business under that name. Generally, the right to a business name rests with the person who first uses the business name in their business, not necessarily the first person to register. At the very least, try to pronounce your business name clearly, memorably, and easily, and think about the impressions your name leaves on a potential customer. Some states (like Washington, for example) require companies to register both a legal name and their business name to officially do business under both, but it`s not mandatory everywhere. The decision to register both often rests with the business owner. However, there are some advantages to registering trade names.

Organizational behavior describes how people interact with each other within an organization, such as a company. These interactions then influence the behavior of the organization itself and its performance. For businesses, organizational behavior is used to streamline efficiency, improve productivity, and drive innovation to give businesses a competitive edge. For example, if your customers pay you with checks, registering both names means you can open a business checking account under both names and your customers can use your legal name or DBA name as the recipient. This is especially handy if your customers don`t know your legal name. Anyway, I don`t think that`s true, because there are two company names, and I don`t think a company can do that. Organizational behavior is the academic study of how people interact within groups. The principles of the study of organizational behavior are applied primarily to make companies more efficient. The study of organizational behavior has its roots in the late 1920s, when the Western Electric Company launched a now-famous series of studies of worker behavior at its Hawthorne Works plant in Cicero, Illinois. The leaders of the Hawthorne study had some radical ideas.

They believed they could use scientific observation techniques to increase the quantity and quality of an employee`s work, and they did not see workers as interchangeable resources. The workers, they thought, were unique in terms of psychology and potential to fit into a company. Spencer Knight is a writer whose non-fiction books have been published in Spinal Columns, The Bolo Tie Collective Anthology: Volume I and filling Station. Depending on the program, certain topics may be studied within organizational behaviour or in broader areas within it. Specific topics include cognition, decision making, learning, motivation, negotiation, impressions, group process, stereotypes, power, and influence. Broader areas of study include social systems, the dynamics of change, markets, the relationships between organizations and their environments, how social movements influence markets, and the power of social networks. Society for Work and Organizational Psychology. “A Brief History of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Inc. – A Division of APA.” Retrieved 2 January 2022. “Cyert, March, and the Carnegie School,” page 1.

Retrieved 2 January 2022. Organizational behavior was not fully recognized as an academic field of study by the American Psychological Association until the 1970s. However, Hawthorne research is credited with validating organizational behavior as a legitimate field of study, and this is the foundation of the human resources profession as we know it today. The researchers wanted to know if workers could be made more productive if their environment was improved with better lighting and other design improvements.