In fact, the copyright holder may even take legal action against you. This falls under the category of pirated content. Theoretically, torrenting is legal. But if you use it to download pirated content or distribute content you don`t have rights to, it`s completely illegal. Let`s move on to a legal torrent search engine. It is ideal for anyone who wants to upload research papers, datasets, notes and lectures, etc. YourBittorrent uses automated software to scan the internet for information about host files and does not actively monitor what is indexed in its database. With a lack of oversight, the site hosts torrents that allow users to access copyrighted software, movies, music, and other material and can therefore be illegally distributed to the public,[3] although the files themselves remain on other servers. Illegal trackers are removed from the site when a request is made by a legitimate party. [4] Apart from the public torrent sites mentioned in this article, you can even try the best legal torrent sites to download legal torrents. myBittorrent (currently known as YourBittorrent) was the first BitTorrent site to be “hijacked” by its registrar. The website was shut down on January 10, 2006, for allegedly violating the Registrar`s abuse policy. myBittorrent was given two options in an email sent by GoDaddy, neither of which included an appeal process.

The myBittorrent administration sent out several emails to resolve the issue, but GoDaddy refused to respond until the myBittorrent administration told GoDaddy it would take legal action. Shortly after sending this email, GoDaddy completely restored the suspended account. [5] [6] If you illegally download copyrighted content, there is very little chance that you will be prosecuted and arrested. But even this is highly unlikely. Because of this, judicial authorities have shut down many prominent torrent websites. And others remain under pressure to close their operations. NOTE: Techworm does not tolerate the use of torrents to illegally obtain content. Use of the following torrent websites for illegal purposes is at your own risk. Techworm assumes no responsibility for any legal problems you encounter. We have tested every torrent search engine website to find it functional and safe.

Torrends is one of the best torrent search sites. The Torrend estate is constantly evolving due to legal problems. is their current domain, accessible from and The search engine was developed as a joint project of the University of Michigan and the University of Texas. And the best part is that it`s completely legal and free. That said, if you don`t share copyrighted content, torrenting is completely legal. YourBitTorrent has automated software that allows it to browse the internet to find information about files that can be hosted. This means that no one controls the information indexed through the YourBitTorrent database.

This lack of oversight means that users can access music, movies, software, and other copyrighted material whose public distribution is illegal, even if the copyrighted files themselves are actually hosted on other servers. YourBitTorrent is known to remove illegal trackers at the request of legitimate parties. No court has ruled the BitTorrent protocol illegal. But using BitTorrent to exchange copyrighted files will likely put you on the wrong side of the law. A Princeton study published earlier this year estimated that only 1% of the files in a sample of 1,021 files shared on BitTorrent were legal, so it`s no wonder that many people assume BitTorrent itself is illegal. To make sure your downloads stay on the right side of the law, stick to trackers dedicated to sharing free content, such as ClearBits and In our article “The 17 Most Dangerous Places on the Web,” we wrote that illegal file-sharing websites can make you vulnerable to malware infections. Since so many people use BitTorrent to share copyrighted material, it is also considered a security risk. There`s no guarantee that someone checked the files shared via BitTorrent, and some hackers might try to make money by hiding malware in your downloads and then selling access to your computer, or adding your PC to a botnet of infected PCs. The Pirate Bay raid had a cascading effect on the torrent segment. Several torrent websites such as Kickass Torrents, ExtraTorrents and EZTV had to shut down due to legal pressure.

Although BitTorrent usage is legal, several ISPs attempt to monitor user traffic and restrict their use of BitTorrent. This is called “traffic formatting” and can be very annoying for torrent downloaders. Read “Bypass your ISP`s BitTorrent block” for more information. The search is based on TorrentSeeker, combined with Google search, which helps to display an accurate list of torrents. Torrentz2 is an alternative to the Torrentz search engine that has indexed over 32 million torrents. It has an interface similar to the original Torrentz site and mentions itself as a functional replacement for the same. Once you get A, you can share it with other computers that don`t have block A. The seeder computer can then use its bandwidth to share segment D, which is rarer. Also avoid quick search results that contain ads and redirect to landing pages.

YourBittorrent is a file-sharing site founded in 2003 under the name myBittorrent, the new YourBittorrent website is the result of a property split in 2009. The website is a torrent tracking website for the P2P BitTorrent network. As such, it does not host files, but contains information about the location of those files in an indexed torrent file. [2] These torrent files are played by a client located on a person`s computer. It has a traffic of about 4.5 million users every month. The main link to access the website is If it is blocked, you can still use a RARBG proxy site. The link to this site is

Finally, 1337x provides torrent information about the page. It currently indexes 31,102,502 active torrents from 125,464,743 sites across 26 domains. Download torrents directly from the search results of the torrent file. We get the torrent file and magnet links next to a torrent name. This is handy when downloading apps and games if you prefer a good number of seeds to reviews in the comments. Don`t forget to try the iDope app to download torrents on smartphones. Few places on the internet allow you to download high-quality music. TorrentFunk is one of those torrent sites for downloading music and other things.

To choose a good torrent site, look for these features: If you are looking for a torrent site to download HD quality movies, then YTS aka yify movie torrent is the best torrent torrent site for this. Choose the quality and the torrent file will be downloaded to your device. No wasting time watching seeds and bloodsuckers for a torrent. We get 19 different categories here, ranging from Android, games and movies to tutorials. You can filter a search by category and also include dead torrents. Add specific words in the search with the + sign and remove specific words from the search results with the sign. Similarly, green icons appear for torrents whose downloaders have long shared good content with the community. For example, if you want to download a Linux distribution, you can simply stop at LinuxTracker, find the list of torrents that matches what you are looking for, and download the corresponding .torrent file.

Once the file .torrent downloaded, open it in a BitTorrent client like Vuze or μTorrent (aka uTorrent) and you will connect to anyone else downloading and downloading this file.