English Courses

for children and adults

  • Pre-Junior Classes

    • Pre-Junior
  • This course aims at the smooth introduction of the English language to younger children.
  • This course is suitable for children who would like a smooth introduction but also would like to be involved in writing and reading activities, such as learning the spelling of colours, numbers, days of the week and so on.

    The syllabus is mainly based on a course book. However, games and songs are still vital in this stage as students, due to their age, still need fun in the lesson.

  • One-year Junior Course

    • A Junior
    • B Junior
  • The aim of this course is to introduce our students to the basic vocabulary and grammatical phenomena of the English language.

    Writing and reading now is more intense and learning vocabulary and grammatical rules by heart is a necessity.

  • Normally, we do this course in the duration of one year; however, it could also be done in the duration of two years rather than one. This is of course after discussion with the parents and taking into consideration the age and the level of the student.

  • Senior Classes

    • A Senior
    • B Senior
    • C Senior
  • These three years of elementary learning are the most important years of our teaching courses.

    A Senior is the year when the students start gradually learning more complicated grammatical issues and the vocabulary is more intense. Writing compositions, listening and reading comprehension also starts to become more intense at this level.

    The years B Senior and C senior are more demanding as new grammatical issues appear and vocabulary is equally more difficult. With the completion of C Senior the students would have had already covered all of the grammatical phenomena and would have an extensive knowledge of vocabulary, writing and speaking English, as well as an introduction to more idiomatic English.

  • B1 - B2 Levels

    • Pre-Lower Preparation
    • Lower Preparation
  • The Lower preparation is actually a 2 year preparation.

    Starting with Pre-Lower where the students are introduced to the format of the examination. More advanced grammatical issues and more difficult vocabulary is introduced.

    The Lower year is the year when the students are actually prepared for their examination. After completing a course book along with a grammar book of the level the students spend exclusively at least two months practicing on tests.

  • We teach all the B2 Certificates:

    • Cambridge Certificate
    • Michigan Certificate
    • ESB
    • MSU
    • Edexcel
    • State Exams
    • City & Guilds
    • E Class
  • E Class is a level that most schools do not actually do.
  • This class is optional in case students need an extra year of preparation between Pre-Lower and Lower.

  • C1 - C2 Levels

    • Advanced C1
    • Proficiency C2
  • The Advanced Level is a degree that one could take before they carry on to their Proficiency Level. However, to obtain an Advanced Certificate is not mandatory before taking Proficiency.

    Both courses however, need at least a year of preparation. For an Advanced Certificate a full academic year is compulsory and for the Proficiency level a two-year course – especially if the candidate hasn’t taken an advanced course, should be completed before one takes the actual exam.  

    The curriculum is based mainly on course books, grammar books and practice tests.

    Yet, it is essential that the students do some extra work at home such as reading English books, newspapers, on-line articles and watching films in English.

  • Most students actually just start with the Proficiency preparation after obtaining a B2 Certificate.
  • Adult Classes

    • English for Adults
  • English Courses for adults focus on people who would like to learn English for personal or professional reasons or because they would like to take an exam.
  • We follow a course book which is designed for adult students and which prepares the student for whichever exam they would like to take. Exams that can be taken are all the B2 Certificates, or Advanced Certificate or Proficiency Certificatealong with Certificates such as IELTS, TOIFL and TOEIC.

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